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Telling the substitute teacher the wrong names: a classic. Telling the substitute teacher you are so old and born again every day, that ten thousand names could never define you, that you’re a shadowed mass swirling forth from jupiter, that your father is time and your mother is death, that you’ll swallow any scream of hers as you grow larger and ever larger: a super classic, king of the school, no homework ever.

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dont try to cop my style

shots fired

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y’all got jokes huh

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i called it and it is a real phone number

also do not call it

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hey inbox me your phone numbers so i can call you

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memorize the angles of your face
and tape record the way you say my name
relate the way you smell and taste
to tangibles no absence can erase
forget about the words you’ve said and meant
as words mean very little in the end
these memories made fresh i will defend
and i promise that i won’t forget again
with feral fingers i will trace
and render all your features in their place
and pray that in the fruits have dug your place
is something fatal fate cannot erase
and shallow rise and fall behind your chest
a vacancy that lingers like like the dead
the lapsing in the cadence of your breath
a lifetime looking forward to forget
were i to exploit these memories
e.g. the space thats just above your knees
i.e. indulge some vulgar need
i hope that you’d forgive me


Marcel Castenmiller 

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