The Shining | 1981, Dir. Stanley Kubrick

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the future was woman by Harri Peccinotti

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Hot Cross - Figure Eight

Act your age or act alone.

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me sexting

me sexting

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skreened is having a 40% off sale until midnight pdt! buy my shirts!

they are printed on american apparel and your friends will ask you where you got them and you won’t have to embarrassingly mumble “urban outfitters”

they’re lowering the sale every day, my shirts will be 30% off until midnight pdt (2am central) so buy them all immediately

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"absence and presents" - divorcee (yoni wolf of why? and his ex-girlfriend anna stewart)

from their debut self-titled ep available august 5 on joyful noise recordings (itunes) (vinyl)

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someone sent me a cute anon and i sent them a fanmail saying “i have a statcounter btw” and they unfollowed+ignored me

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if you don’t put a trigger warning on your big bang theory posts i will unfollow you

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i never remember my dreams

i don’t remember a lot of events that happen in my actual life

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btw this was just a general observation. i didn’t have any dreams because i didn’t sleep last night because i woke up at 7pm

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