everybody is a little hard to love sometimes

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casiotone for the painfully alone - diana flores you’re the one

i hope you see god. i hope you see god.
you’re everything.

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PS ELIOT COVERED THIS SONG????? this is so cool because the last time I met Katie Crutchfield, we talked about Hop Along Queen Ansleis; it makes me so happy when people love Quinlan and all that

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Cap’n Jazz - Puddle Splashers

We’re busy touching ‘til we’re dizzy stupid.

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and sometimes when you’re on, you’re really fucking on 
and your friends they sing along and they love you 
but the lows are so extreme that the good seems fucking cheap 
and it teases you for weeks in its absence 
but you’ll fight and you’ll make it through 
you’ll fake it if you have to 
and you’ll show up for work with a smile 
and you’ll be better and you’ll be smarter 
and more grown up and a better daughter or son 
and a real good friend 
and you’ll be awake, you’ll be alert 
you’ll be positive though it hurts 
and you’ll laugh and embrace all your friends 
and you’ll be a real good listener 
you’ll be honest, you’ll be brave 
you’ll be handsome and you’ll be beautiful 
you’ll be happy 

your ship may be coming in, you’re weak but not giving in 
to the cries and the wails of the valley below 
and your ship may be coming in, you’re weak but not giving in 
and you’ll fight it, you’ll go out fighting all of them

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My song!!!

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Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans | Mac Demarco

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