"Hey June, I want to feel safe."

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Why? // Good Friday

Blowin kisses to disinterested bitches
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memorize the angles of your face
and tape record the way you say my name
relate the way you smell and taste
to tangibles no absence can erase
forget about the words you’ve said and meant
as words mean very little in the end
these memories made fresh i will defend
and i promise that i won’t forget again
with feral fingers i will trace
and render all your features in their place
and pray that in the fruits have dug your place
is something fatal fate cannot erase
and shallow rise and fall behind your chest
a vacancy that lingers like like the dead
the lapsing in the cadence of your breath
a lifetime looking forward to forget
were i to exploit these memories
e.g. the space thats just above your knees
i.e. indulge some vulgar need
i hope that you’d forgive me

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i’ve never seen you so awful
i found you at the bottom of a russian novel
gold medal and a crown
a cardigan and a frown
all maladjusted and clever
the greatest smiths fan ever
your picture in the papers
the captions shout
"there is a boy and he never goes out"
that same song on repeat
you haven’t left the house in weeks
won’t even come out for dinner
toby grace, world record winner
i guess you thought it’d make you feel better somehow
but heaven knows you’re miserable now
heaven knows you’re miserable now
heaven knows you’re miserable now
so toby, take a bow

oh my god
what if we had an accident
oh my god

till you’re dead
that’s how long you’re a parent
till you’re dead

you know i meant what i said
i think you’ll be a good mother
but honey look at us now
we barely support each other

take the pill
i know it makes you crazy
take the pill

call in sick
ill get some movies
call in sick

i know your mom was your age
when she had your brother
but honey look at our lives
how could we support another

we could be killers
just for one night

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i am warm and i am bored and i am drifting through this place

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