Wake - The Antlers
It was easier to lock the doors and kill the phones
Than to show my skin, because the hardest thing
Is never to repent for someone else, it’s letting people in

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"The truth is much more complicated than that and I am still trying to learn how time is a gift as much as it is a burden.”

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i finally wrote you the letter
with all the things i’ve been wanting to say
but i was walking to your apartment
and the letter fell out of my pocket on the way
seven pages on 16th street
i lost my words under tires and feet
and you’ll probably never have a clue
‘cause i’ll probably never say a thing to you

i’ve been watching out the window of the bus
every time it passes by
just to see if you’d be outside
smoking cigarettes and passing time
i think of things that i wanted to say
when i ride by almost every day
but you’ll probably never have a clue
‘cause i’ll probably never say these things to you


The Microphones - “I Want To Be Cold” | The Glow, Pt. 2

it’s raining on me, i don’t want it to stop
i don’t want to breathe anymore
i want soggy ground, i want to feel my feet in the sand
i want water to rise and to cover all the land
i want to swim til my arms give out and i come to an end
i hope it happens soon i can’t deal with feeling this bad
i want to be cold
and i want it to snow so bad
i hope your flames don’t grow
i want to be buried in snow
i hope your flames don’t grow
i just want to be cold
i don’t want you to know

fuck rappin
i’ma get it trappin

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Every other morning I wake up and find that you’re gone. The note says you went for a jog.

Maybe you’re just tired of sleeping in or maybe you’d rather be running away.

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Modest Mouse - Truckers Atlas

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